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Partner Benefits

We believe that the key to success is building strong partnerships with our partners
  • Vorro's Comprehensive Technology Platform for Partner Services.

    Vorro's comprehensive technology platform enables its partners to offer diverse services to customers by providing them with the tools and resources they need to quickly and easily create industry-based or client-specific solutions. This platform is designed to be highly flexible and customizable, allowing partners to tailor their offerings to meet the unique needs of their customers.

  • Revenue Growth for Partners

    Through Vorro's implementation and deployment services, customers receive comprehensive support from trained professionals who are experts in the deployment of Vorro's solutions. This includes everything from initial planning and configuration to ongoing support and maintenance. By providing this level of support, Vorro is able to ensure that its customers are able to achieve maximum value from its solutions, which helps to drive revenue growth for the company.

  • Boost Marketing and Sales

    Partner managers’ work closely with partners to help them build the skills they need to effectively market and sell Vorro's solutions. This includes providing training and support on Vorro's technology platform, as well as helping partners develop marketing and sales strategies that will drive leads and close deals.

Support Offered to Channel Partners by Vorro

  • Product Training and On boarding: Vorro will provide comprehensive training to help you understand their products and services. This will include technical training on how to install, configure, and use their software solutions, as well as sales training to help you effectively market and sell Vorro's solutions.Vorro will provide a demo of their software solutions to help you showcase the features and benefits to your potential customers. They will also provide training to your team on how to use the software effectively.
  • Access to CRM: As a Vorro channel partner, you will have access to their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to manage your sales pipeline and customer interactions.
  • Marketing Support: Vorro will provide you with marketing collateral, including brochures, case studies, and other promotional materials to help you market and sell their solutions. They may also provide support for co-branded marketing activities.
  • Preparing SOW and Tech Discussions: Vorro will assist you in preparing Statements of Work (SOWs) and technical discussions to help you engage with your potential customers.
  • Customer On boarding and Implementation: Vorro will take the lead in customer on boarding and implementation, ensuring that their software solutions are installed and configured correctly for your customers.
  • After Sales Support: Vorro will provide ongoing support to you and your customers after the sale is made. This includes technical support, software updates, and bug fixes.
  • Up-sell and Cross-sell to End Customers: Vorro will work with you to identify opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling their software solutions to your existing customer base. This will help you increase revenue and provide more value to your customers

Become a partner