Message from our Founder - Vorro

I’m delighted to welcome you to VorroHealth.
In 2013 we merged two of the best-kept secrets in the long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) market, BridgeGate International and BlueStep Healthcare Systems. Some might say what we did was key to enabling patient-centric care. To us it is much simpler—we choose to care.

In 2015 we acquired  a complete billing solution for long term post-acute care.   Our new Billing Management product is a flexible rules engine that helps automate the process on a resident-specific basis, reducing billing errors and rejected claims and will meet the needs of your facility today and tomorrow.

Care to assure disparate systems can easily exchange clinical data within a facility and across the continuum of care.
Care to provide an electronic health record (EHR) that is easy to implement, amazingly easy to configure, and remarkably extendable.
Care to make significant investments in next-generation technologies, fundamental in meeting the ever-changing rapid regulatory and clinical market demands.
Our customers put a high priority on care and so do we. That’s why we connect any systems they need and why we change what they desire.
Our philosophy is simple: health information technology must facilitate, not dictate.

Take care,