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Data Automation Kills Jobs!

In the old world … wait, let me clarify. I mean a few decades ago. The year 2000, right? No, let’s reach way back to the nostalgic 70’s and 80’s. Back to the days of the Apple II, TRS-80 or when the high-powered Commodore 64 ruled the market. Sometime, surely shortly after 1984, society would eradicate manual labor jobs due to computer-controlled robots. Here we are a mere 36 years later and I think we are finally seeing it. Who needs a person to order food? You can do that with an app or through a kiosk. Robots rule large manufacturing facilities in the auto industry, perform surgeries and deliver packages. 

It is time to put these robots to work moving and processing our data. We have, over the years, in what we call data integration. However, their deployment has been sporadic at best. It has been labeled workflow, some automated, some not, peppered with human interaction to make sure it is “working.” I wonder however, who is working in that case … you or the robot? 

A more strategic approach is to create a flexible, dynamic integration,, plug those robots in and watch them perform. The robot is created with some standard functionality. They gather or receive data, maps this, turn it into that, and delivers it somewhere. Each robot takes orders from a central brain that directs it to fill in the blanks on what it should do and when it should do it. The robot will be assimilated, resistance is futile! 

You may have heard about these labeled robotic automation processes. The catch is, does your system allow for easy expansion or change? Does your system have that central brain functionality? There are a lot of systems and companies that claim they are good at integration, but you find yourself paying for another integration as opposed to just plugging in another one. No matter the industry, you struggle with this. If you are tired of waiting for your projects to complete, or to even get started for that matter, give us a call at Vorro.  

At Vorro we offer a comprehensive software platform that integrates data quickly and inexpensively, with no code or standard needed. The Vorro Solution handles and transforms data from any business system, in any format, and capable of handling data integration projects of any size. We can establish this automated data transfer without direct involvement of IT resources. It is integration made simple.

You might say, “Vorro is the droid you are looking for.”

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Billy Waldrop is the Chief Operations Officer for Vorro, Inc. Billy has dedicated his career to managing and developing complex systems for the manufacturing and healthcare industries. He spent 10 years at the  Mayo Clinic, where he supervised and directed teams responsible for the development and support of critical Patient Financial Services systems. He holds an MBA and a B.S. in Professional Management, along with many certifications from the Mayo Clinic.

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