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Easy Integration, Myth, Lies, or Legend

Data is taking over the world and making sure that you have a firm understanding of your data can help your business gain a key competitive advantage. Specific sectors such as health care can truly take advantage of their data and improve their overall customer experience and business efficiencies. However, some people perceive data integration as a complicated and expensive process, in reality, it is not. This simple process can provide that extra edge your business needs to truly succeed.

How Long Does a Data Integration Project Take?

Some may think that data integration takes months to complete. This is simply not true- a myth. When you partner with an expert, data integration can be done quickly. Also, choosing the right partner and completing your data integration project provides two key advantages. First, it allows you to see the return on investment of your project at a faster pace. As a result, you are able to determine whether it makes sense for your business to further invest in data analytics. Second, with experienced experts completing your project, fewer hours are required and you are assured of a quality product while costs are kept low. Often, data integration software takes very little customization, and many times you can test the waters before fully investing. For example, a true expert in data integration has the proven, industrial strength technologies with simple, easily deployed solutions to quickly maneuver through most projects

How Much Does Data Integration Cost?

One of the largest lies associated with data integration is that people think it can cost thousands of dollars. Some companies spend upwards of 90,000 dollars. This is simply too much to pay for most data integration projects. When it comes to integration, there are many ways to customize the project in order to meet any budget. Many platforms allow customers to receive data integration at a monthly fee. This provides a different cost structure compared to paying for the technology upfront. It works great for anyone looking to test the waters.

The Benefits of Data Integration

Once you can get past the myths and lies about the cost and time frame of implementing data integration, there are several advantages to consider for your business. Data integration makes it easier for you and your staff to access the data that you need, here it becomes legend. This saves time for you and your staff, and it helps both leaders and employees make data-backed decisions. When you have better access to the data, it can be leveraged to improve every aspect of your business. It also allows for easier collaboration between your departments and staff. Furthermore, bringing all of your data into a single system allows you to reduce your overall data footprint by removing redundant data points. Data integration identifies these points and allows you to remove them without losing important information. With the average cost of storing a single terabyte at $3,351 per year, reducing the amount of redundant data you store saves real money.

There are many benefits to implementing data integration in your business. However, many people do not take advantage of this because they believe it is a time-consuming process that is going to break their budget. You can use this to your advantage by implementing data integration when your competitors do not and gain a serious competitive edge.

If you are interested in further exploring any of the myths, lies or legends mentioned above, Vorro is your solution. Vorro is integration made easy. Our managed services solution helps provide visibility to many other facets of your business. It will allow you to be proactive with your organization’s valuable data assets and offers the ability to measure and gain valuable insight for future decision making. Get the capabilities, insight, and understanding you need to take your business to the next level. Be proactive with your data. Put it to work for you. Schedule a call today, and check out our website which features a free e-book and much more at https://vorro.net/

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Billy Waldrop is the Chief Operations Officer for Vorro, Inc. Billy has dedicated his career to managing and developing complex systems for the manufacturing and healthcare industries. He spent 10 years at the  Mayo Clinic, where he supervised and directed teams responsible for the development and support of critical Patient Financial Services systems. He holds an MBA and a B.S. in Professional Management, along with many certifications from the Mayo Clinic.


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