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Vorro: Fast and Easy

Traditionally, integrating your data involves a costly and complex process to turn unusable and unstructured data into a clunky dashboard. Vorro solves this problem by turning the once tedious task of data integration and management into a simple and highly optimized process. As a result, your data can optimize decision making, foster innovation, and assist in growing your organization, not become another labor intensive task that requires serious investments of time and money before producing results. The Vorro platform, powered by our BridgeGate engine, allows you to establish an automated data transfer without direct involvement of IT resources. The setup is Fast and Easy. Yes, Vorro is quick to give up the goods!

Data Integration: A Fast, Continuous Process

The Vorro solution allows your data to work for you, instead of you working for the data. With a continuous data integration process you can make data a core business strategy instead of wasting time and money sifting through endless information.

To effectively integrate your data, you should use a continuous process to ensure stakeholders are presented with accurate intelligence throughout all of the organization’s touch points whenever they need it. This is why Vorro offers the software-based solution BrideGate to integrate all of your data in near real-time. Through this solution you can easily create the processes needed to ensure quick and efficient operation and provide an enhanced capacity for analytics, forecasting, creating workflows and decision-making. Your organization should be a balance of many things, and efficiency through fast data transformation is one of them.

Using Your Data: It’s Easy

Integration should be thought of as a process that adds value. If you are holding back on making the transition, understand that Vorro is Integration Made Simple! No programming is needed. The platform utilizes prebuilt templates that simplify automation and drastically reduce expense. It can be deployed with minimal internal resources and without disrupting current operations.

In a matter of hours your organization will be assessing the two different types of data available, and transforming the unusable into usable. By taking all of your unstructured data and turning it into structured data, you can gain a complete, clear picture of your organization. The same picture others have invested years of resources into.

How Vorro Helps

Vorro offers multiple types of solutions for data integration to serve your individual needs. The primary solution revolves around automating the delivery of your data, so you have the information you need when you need it. Through the workflow automation platform, your organization can use data in the same way a Fortune 500 company would without the expense. This keeps you on top of your data needs while freeing up both human capital and IT resources.

With Vorro’s Managed Services solution, you can let a team of industry experts create a customized solution made specifically for you. This includes everything from cloud-hosted solutions to trading partner management. On top of this, Vorro also offers professional services that assess the state of your current systems and provides you with a solution that optimizes what you already have.

With all of our services our customer implementation program offers tailored, on-site training, interactive workshops, and responsive account management to ensure your team is up to the task.

You’ll never realize the power your data can bring your organization until you give us a try. Integrating your data has never been faster or easier than it is today. Vorro has the solution, it’s integration made simple. 

To learn more about how Vorro can help transform your organization through it’s data integration needs, visit https://vorro.net/  or give us a call at (866) 739-0300 Ext 209, and let’s schedule a time to talk about your case.

Billy Waldrop is the Chief Operations Officer for Vorro, Inc. Billy has dedicated his career to managing and developing complex systems for the manufacturing and healthcare industries. He spent 10 years at the  Mayo Clinic, where he supervised and directed teams responsible for the development and support of critical Patient Financial Services systems. He holds an MBA and a B.S. in Professional Management, along with many certifications from the Mayo Clinic.


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