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Improving the Supply Chain – Increasing Efficiency via Data Integration

In recent times, the advancement in technology and rapid global digitalization is disrupting almost all sectors of the economy, and the supply chain industry isn’t left out. Changing consumers’ behaviors and various market disruptions are also affecting how organizations carry out their day-to-day activities.

From monitoring, assessment and optimization, firms are now looking for new ways to execute their task while reducing risk factors and safeguarding the global supply chain.

To do this, strong data analytics and modern data integration are essential. This article provides more details on how data integration is shaping the supply chain industry. Keep reading.

How Can Data Integration Help?

Data integration in the supply chain involves connecting all internal stakeholders and trading partners in the industry to share information in real-time and also gain valuable insight in order to boost supply chain efficiency and improve management.

This integration can be beneficial to the firm, the supply chain stakeholders, and the consumers in so many ways.

First, data integration in the supply chain helps companies handle data complexity and anticipate potential disruption while developing rapid responses. It also enables organizations to make smart and adaptive decisions.

Furthermore, modern data integration solutions allow for several capabilities such as self-service applications, KPI monitoring via dashboards, AI-enabled metrics and mapping, and shared templates. 

Why Should Your Organization Take Advantage of this Force Multiplier?

Other reasons data integration is important in the supply chain industry include the following:

  • Access to essential data: No matter where your data is located, either in an old system or an application in different departments, data integration helps you connect these systems. By doing this, you are taking away every limitation and gaining access to important business data to make an informed business decision.
  • Better collaboration across the chain: Automating your business processes and connecting your system using data integration tools can improve collaboration both internally and externally. It also gives room for better communication among stakeholders.
  • Improves data quality: Another important benefit of data integration in the supply chain industry is that it uses logic to ensure that the right messages are only used in making an informed decision. This implies that you do not need to collect your information manually, all you need to do is define your business rules, and that logic can create better quality data.
  • Improved business processes: In the supply chain industry, business processes are quite important. Data integration helps you to connect the right processes for automation and make the most out of your integration strategy. In the end, it gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors. 


The supply chain industry is indeed a complex one both internally and externally. This is because there are many systems, applications, and multiple stakeholders involved in making the process a success. To automate actions, streamline processes and optimize tasks, organizations are now embracing the use of digital technologies. However, as the industry becomes digitized, there is a need for systems and applications to be integrated in order to improve business processes and make informed decisions. Data integration is indeed a must for firms in the supply chain industry, and Vorro can make order of the chaos.  

At Vorro, we provide a framework for companies looking to leverage today’s technologies. Our data modeling and processing techniques help streamline activities within your company. Does the current environment have you looking for ways to improve, scale or increase current productivity and processes? Take advantage now and start building for the future. Speak with the data integration specialist at Vorro. Feel free to request a consultation or demo on our website at #IntegrateNow

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