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BridgeGate Enterprise Integration Platform As A Service (EiPaaS)

With Vorro's BridgeGate EiPaaS, companies of all sizes and industries can build a unified, collaborative, and seamless technology ecosystem. Enhanced by a drag and drop interface, and a robust full audit trail, BridgeGate EiPaaS offers a rapid, accurate and comprehensive data integration solution.

Our EiPaaS solution combines the advantages of an enterprise-class cloud infrastructure, which provides all the integration functionality, performance, and security requirements in a High availability environment, with the flexibility to scale to your company’s needs.

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Strengthen your business with BridgeGate - EiPaaS Integration

Centralised Control

Without BridgeGate, businesses have to deal with several integrations with different configurations and regulations. With BridgeGate all integrations are collated in one place so analysis and optimization become more targeted and accurate.

Improved Scalability

BridgeGate is necessary for effectively future-proofing your business processes as it increases agility and provides an easy-to-scale platform that a new tool or app to your tech stack and syncing all of your data is a cinch when you use the right integration tools.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Control over your data is substantially greater when using BridgeGate. A clearer picture of the data your organisation owns in each app will allow you to keep it clean, safe, and compliant with requirements like GDPR as well as help you detect any aberrations.

Wide Range of Use Cases and Multiple Integrations

BridgeGate handle a wide range of enterprise use cases, and therefore cater to including application-to-application integration, cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-on-premises, on-premises-to-on-premises, data and cloud integration, API publication, mobile, IoT integration, and even ecosystems/B2B interaction with other organisations.

No-code solution

By providing no-code tools to accelerate integration projects within an enterprise, an BridgeGate empowers all types of integration personas, from business analysts to highly qualified integration specialists.

Elevated Business Continuity

To eliminate the high costs of downtime, BridgeGate relocates business infrastructure to the public cloud, enabling fault-prone and important apps and processes to rely less on on-premises operation. With iPaaS, all the data is stored externally – completely secure and accessible at all times.

High ROI

BridgeGate gets you the most out of your investment, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Automating and streamlining the integration of numerous systems, while reducing errors and costs and enabling easy orchestration, BridgeGate lowers TCO and increases investment security.

Reinforced Business Intelligence

When it comes to business intelligence and data processing, BridgeGate collects data from multiple sources on the cloud, drastically reducing the amount of time it takes to find relevant information. This allows firms to track real-time data about processes and arrive at decisions that are as accurate as possible

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  • Connect to any REST based API
  • Integrate any data format
  • Vorro’s easy-to-use iPaaS solution lets you integrate any data format across technology providers and perform ETL processes with ease
  • With true any-to-any data integration, overcome technology barriers – all without the need of expensive development costs or complicated IT systems.