KeyHIE Transform: Healthcare Integration for HIEs and their participation | Vorro

VorroHealth enables low cost patient information sharing with Health Information Exchanges

KeyHIE Transform™ enables healthcare providers – even those without an electronic health record – to seamlessly integrate with your HIE. And their participation instantly strengthens your HIE’s ability to deliver at-a-glance patient information across multiple systems and platforms. The process is HIPAA and PHI compliant.

Long Term Post-Acute Care

When patients move between nursing homes, home health and hospitals, timely communication of patient information is often challenging. Your staff shouldn’t be held up on the phone providing care information that should be readily available. And your patients and their families are happier because they don’t waste time providing the same medical information over and over.

Key to Success: Use What’s Already Available

The key is using the data your staff already collects to submit electronic patient assessment information, known as the minimum data set (MDS), or outcome and assessment information set (OASIS) to the Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services. KeyHIE Transform acquires this information from the records of patients who have provided consent for their data to be shared. The information is then “transformed,” into a standard Continuity of Care Document (CCD / C-CDA) format that can be consumed by a health information exchange for access by participating clinicians.

Leave no Senior Behind