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Let’s Talk Integration

When most people think of integration they think of formats and standards such as HL7, CCD, EDI and XML. But what if I cannot meet the standard? For many it means they cannot participate in data sharing. Most of the software solutions and integration platforms will only accommodate specific formats.

Standards are created so that the sharing of information should be easier, and in many cases, it will pave a path for onboarding a good portion of the data. But there is always going to be some percent of trading partners that will not be able to meet the requirements. This does not make their data any less valuable, so how do you create an integration ecosystem that is data format agnostic?

You can choose a platform such as Vorro’s BridgeGate that will allow you to meet your trading partners where they are technologically.

Here are a couple of examples of how Vorro assisted with data acquisition, transformation and exchange with organizations that could not exchange data using the standard:

  • A large health system needed a way to get skilled nursing and home health data into
    their Health Information Exchange (HIE). The long term post-acute care (LTPAC) market
    has little technology and/or less sophisticated software systems. The health system
    required continuity of care documents (CCD) but these organizations could not produce
    or send this type of document. Vorro created a way for these organizations to
    submit assessment data using the BridgeGate platform, which was then transformed
    into a CCD and shared with the HIE.
  • A regional HIE needed ADT data from a small rural hospital, but unfortunately the
    hospital system was unable to produce an ADT message. Using the BridgeGate Connect
    solution along with the BridgeGate platform, Vorro was able to provide a solution.
    The hospital could produce a CSV file, which BridgeGate transformed into the
    appropriate ADT message to share with the HIE.

As you are searching for your next integration platform make sure you are considering all your trading partners and do not be misled by old perceptions.
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