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Making the Unusable Usable: What Does Your Data Do For You?

Storing large quantities of unusable data? 
Not sure how to access or leverage that data and turn it in to actionable intelligence? 

As technology changes and systems grow, many times companies are left saddled with too much of the unusable type. This ties up resources, adds cost to the bottom line and often denies decision makers the ability to make the most informed decision in real time. 

Compare the amount of data the common small business uses with an average larger enterprise. The average small business stores just under 48 TB, while the average large enterprise stores manages 348 TB. That’s over seven times the amount of data an enterprise business stores compared to the typical small business. Clearly a link between data use and business size exists, but growing your business does not come down to simply storing data, you also have to use it. The team at Vorro are experts in transforming the second category of data into the first, making the unusable usable and integrating it all into one system in a seamless automated process that can provide new information and drive actionable results.

Identifying the Potential

Before you can use your data to make informed decisions that grow your business, you first need to define a clear set of goals. These goals should contain clear, quantifiable metrics with a timeline to achieving them. From here we can work backwards to determine what key performance indicators (KPI) you can use to track these goals. Once you establish a set of KPIs, the data you need to track becomes clear. But, with your data scattered between your vendors, website, accounting, warehouses, and any other sources in an unstructured siloed environment, how do you even make sense of it? It comes down to data integration.

Integrating Your Data

Integrating your data involves congregating all of your data sources into a single system. This requires communication between each of your sources and your data integration software. By congregating your data into a single system you’ll have easy access to your data in a well-organized structured environment, allowing you to make informed decisions while looking at the progress of your systems as a whole.

Bringing all of your data into a single system also allows you to reduce your overall data footprint by removing redundant data points. For example, your accounting system and supply chain management system likely contain overlapping data concerning vendors and performance. Data integration identifies these redundant data points and allows you to remove them without losing important information. With the average cost of storing a single terabyte at $3,351 per year, reducing the amount of redundant data you store saves you real money.

Putting Your Data To Use

Even with the cost savings of integrating your data, the real benefit comes from the enhanced ability to make data driven decisions. The benefits of data based decisions are widespread from employee and vendor management to marketing efforts. Integrating your data helps you find which of your vendors and employees consistently miss or exceed deadlines. This allows you to take appropriate action with the data to back up that decision. You can also make fast-paced marketing decisions that make real improvements to your bottom line. With integrated data, you can have confidence in each decision you make with the knowledge of how it affects your overall business. You’ll never waste your energy wondering whether or not you are making the right decision again. 

Integrating your data has never been easier than it is today. Vorro can connect all of your data sources together to deliver optimized reports with scalable software based on your needs. Vorro has the solution, it’s integration made simple. 

To learn more about how Vorro can help transform your organization through it’s data integration needs, visit or give us a call at (866) 739-0300 Ext 209, and let’s schedule a time to talk about your case.

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