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PrescribersConnection Partnership

Vorro Contact: Scott Sirdevan


Vorro Announces Plan to Obtain PrescribersConnection Long Term Care Certification and Expand Capabilities.

Orange Park, FL, June 2020 – Vorro, a leading provider of interoperability solutions across the healthcare continuum, today announced a plan to join the PrescribersConnection Network. The certification, once completed, will allow Vorro to provide fast and secure two-way data processing to providers and pharmacies in the nation’s largest LTPAC ePrescribing network.

The direct connection between Vorro and PrescribersConnection will allow organizations to increase workflow, improve patient care and ensure accurate medical administration. “We are pleased to be joining the PrescribersConnection family,” said Billy Waldrop, Chief Operations Officer at Vorro. “Their reach and reputation combined with our platform and integration know how will ensure healthcare facilities, patients and residents are served by the latest and safest technology available. Furthermore, the strict NCDPD standards required for certification will strengthen our capabilities and position us for unlimited growth with a valuable partner.”

In the future, Vorro’s customers will integrate seamlessly with numerous venders via one connection through the PrescribersConnection Network. Together, Vorro and PrescribersConnection will offer customers proven, best-in-class capabilities backed by hundreds of physicians, pharmacies and facilities nationwide.  

PrescribersConnection NCDPD 2017071 certification is expected to be complete within the next three months.

To learn more about Vorro and its complete portfolio of solutions, visit

For more information about the Vorro and PrescribersConnection partnership call (866) 739-0300 Ext 209.

About Vorro
Vorro provides robust, scalable integration solutions that connect disparate applications and technologies. BridgeGateHealth™’s any-to-any integration platform handles very complex data with virtually no coding required, reducing the complexity and length of integration projects to weeks or days resulting in lower costs. For more information, please visit 

About PrescribersConnection
PrescribersConnection is a developer and marketer of electronic prescription (ePrescription) software solutions that automate the prescription fulfillment processes for healthcare organizations and pharmacies. The PrescribersConnection Network is a linked network of Long Term and Post-Acute Care facilities, prescribers, and pharmacies delivering fast and reliable electronic transport of census information, new prescriptions, fill notifications, resupply requests, prescription discontinues, administration reauthorizations, and suspend/resume administration notifications. To learn more about PrescribersConnection, please visit

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