Press Release CWE R4 20210126 - Vorro
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Press Release CWE R4 20210126

Vorro Contact: Scott Sirdevan


Vorro and the Collaborative Work Environment Partner to Address Non-Clinical and Facility Operations Costs in Health Care

Vorro interoperable technology links disparate systems

Orange Park, FL February 2, 2021 — Vorro, a provider of data integration solutions and services, announced today it has entered into a partnership with the Collaborative Work Environment (CWE), a North Carolina company focused on assisting their customers acquire data and enhance visibility across non-clinical and facilities management operations. The CWE platform, OneView, collaborates and uplifts existing data sources to form a centralized advanced analytics and visualization platform.

The two technologies together will assist CWE’s customers to gain better control and insight of their data and business processes. CWE’s OneView platform brings into focus the true savings of cost optimization programs, ensuring a decline in spend as programs are implemented. Our economic system has been strained, especially over the last couple of years. The OneView solution will allow companies to make better decisions on project selections and gain much more insight to those projects’ outcomes.  

Vorro has a proven track record of data exchange and data management,” said Jim Beall, Principal at CWE. “Because of the disparate nature of the systems our clients use, we have to get data in all shapes and sizes. Having the versatility and the extensibility of the Vorro platform allows us to meet the need, no matter the data format or the system that hosts it.” 

Today’s heath care market continues to see rising costs. This drives the demand for services that focus on cost savings, specifically for accountable care organizations and independent delivery networks. The problem is the data required for such detailed analysis is very often found in siloed data sets, buried in a file or database and completely disconnected from the rest of the environment. The information is usually posted across multiple reports, in yet another email. Through the One View platform, providers now have the ability to align and prioritize projects based on that project’s actual impact on the organization.

Vorro brings an any-to-any integration capability to connect various systems together, and more importantly, map the data elements between those systems to make it more useful as it is lifted up and normalized to visualization and analytics platforms like OneView. Every day, more applications are entering the markets for smart homes, buildings and cities. These are crucial data points in delivering socially responsible programs across thousands of organizations. 

“Our advanced data integration services give our customers the tools they need to compete and enhance their own offerings,” said Billy Waldrop, COO, Vorro. “Today, connectivity is just the beginning. A focused integration strategy is what is required. We stand ready to assist any organization to connect data in meaningful ways and are proud to lead the market with an extremely simple offering, allowing our customers to focus on their core business.”

About Vorro

Headquartered in Orange Park, Florida, Vorro delivers data transformation and exchange technology solutions to several industries including retail, government, and several sectors across the healthcare continuum. Visit for more information 

About Collaborative Work Environment (CWE)

The CWE is a technology & services company focused on turning data into useful information and creating the appropriate channels to make strategic decisions. CWE supports consultancy, healthcare, industrial, and life science sectors. 

To learn more about CWE, please visit

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