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Healthcare providers make mission-critical decisions every day, but sometimes have to do so without all the information they need or would like to have.   For many, their IT infrastructure doesn’t support information sharing because it involves a wide range of systems and applications.  They have to contend with that data being scattered throughout many facilities, in many regions, and requiring multiple logins.   Further, healthcare information is delivered and shared in many forms:  phone, point systems, email, fax and manually to name a few.

With these challenges, healthcare providers can become less productive, frustrated and unable to provide the level of patient care that faster, more efficient technology can deliver.

VorroHealth’s BridgeGate Health  can help bridge these gaps through a highly-connected, tightly integrated organization.   Better technology is the answer, and BridgeGate Health™ is that product.

Our BridgeGate Health™ solution offers:

A rapid integration platform – reduce the time and expense to connect applications, business processes, staff members, external partners and services.

Dashboard visibility – of all of your systems, applications and data.  Better integration leads to better information throughout your organization, which helps your people make smarter decisions faster.

Business intelligence in real-time – users at every level can make better decisions with real-time information giving you historical, current and predictive views of business your operations.

Health information exchange platform – build your electronic health record system to have shared clinical data throughout all organizations that need them locally, regionally or nationally.  Exchange Electronic Patient Records quickly and securely.

Benefits of BridgeGate Health™

  • Any-to-any data integrated/transformed
    • No matter the system, application, format of data needed, BridgeGate Health handles the transaction and transforms the data in the format and way you need it
    • Simple, easy to use solution for exchanging data
  • Rapid implementation
    • Implementation in days vs. week
    • The more complex your data environment, the better for the BridgeGate integration solution.  With built-in business intelligence, BridgeGate Health doesn’t require data to be disassembled or reassembled, making the process quicker and more efficient
  • Interoperability achieved
    • BridgeGate Health supports healthcare standards such as HL7, NCPDP, CDA, CCD, DICOM and RLS
  • Scalable and extensible
    • From one computer to thousands of users BridgeGate grows with your organization, protecting your existing investments
    • BridgeGate Health offers robust plug-in capabilities and an unparalleled ease of transition as you grow
  • Security
    • Feel confident in your ability to safely store and share sensitive patient and internal information
  • Visibility
    • Auditable chain-of-custody of data
    • Comprehensive management dashboards provide one view of meaningful information
    • Alerts, notifications and error resolution
  • Lower cost solution for more integration – from implementation to support, BridgeGate offers a lower total cost of ownership than other solutions on the market

Find out how BridgeGate Health can help your organization bridge the healthcare information gap.

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