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Vorro’s Healthcare Data Integration Platform

Vorro offers an open, scalable any-to-any integration and workflow platform that enables secure communication and interoperability among an organization’s disparate systems and applications.

Vorro's healthcare data integration platform transforms and delivers massive sets of data with no programming, and without impact to existing systems. When corporate data is available to an unlimited number of people within and external to your organization, your data can be used to make informed and faster decisions, identify new opportunities to grow, and understand how well your organization is performing.BridgeGate provides comprehensive, native access to more than 300 distinct databases and information sources – including relational, legacy, EHR, ERP, CRM, data staged in warehouses or data marts, and real-time data from operational systems – on any platform.

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Bridge gaps with highly-connected integration

Healthcare providers make mission-critical decisions every day, but sometimes have to do so without all the information they need or would like to have. For many, their IT infrastructure doesn’t support information sharing because it involves a wide range of systems and applications. They have to contend with that data being scattered throughout many facilities, in many regions, and requiring multiple logins. Further, healthcare information is delivered and shared in many forms: phone, point systems, email, fax and manually to name a few.

With these challenges, healthcare providers can become less productive, frustrated and unable to provide the level of patient care that faster, more efficient technology can deliver.

Vorro's BridgeGate Health can help bridge these gaps through a highly-connected, tightly integrated organization. Better technology is the answer, and BridgeGate Health™ is that product.

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A rapid integration platform

Reduce the time and expense to connect applications, business processes, staff members, external partners and services.

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Dashboard visibility

Of all of your systems, applications and data. Better integration leads to better information throughout your organization, which helps your people make smarter decisions faster.

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Business intelligence in real-time

Users at every level can make better decisions with real-time information giving you historical, current and predictive views of business your operations.

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Health information exchange platform

Build your electronic health record system to have shared clinical data throughout all organizations that need them locally, regionally or nationally. Exchange Electronic Patient Records quickly and securely.

Benefits of BridgeGate Health™

Every day, Vorro’s BridgeGate Health™ Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service (EiPaaS) orchestrates millions of real-time data messages for 250 health systems, encompassing over 1,000 facilities.

FHIR Implementation with Vorro

There are several items to consider when thinking about implementing FHIR. The first issue is the infrastructure needed to exchange FHIR based data. Most organizations will need an additional layer, being the FHIR “server,” between their trading partners and their internal systems. Our BridgeGate solutions are securely hosted and managed at AWS data centers across the country and currently handle millions of transactions a month. FHIR is one of many standards we support.

Secondly, mapping the data is hard enough from your systems to the FHIR standard, never mind what the other side is sending. Vorro’s BridgeGate easily handles this complexity with our template driven approach to integration. Our experts deliver solutions in days with these tools, not months or years. Finally, isn’t this just what you need? This is another standard with which to keep pace. We handle the disparity and the consistent change that exists within the standards, and you focus on your business.

KeyHIE Transform™

Enables a nursing home or home health agency to contribute patient information to a Health Information Exchange (HIE) to provide better and more coordinated care. Patient assessment information is generated from a SNF’s Minimum Data Set (MDS) system or from an HHA’s Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) system and then converted into a Continuity of Care Document (CCD / C-CDA) containing the patient assessment information. The process is HIPAA and PHI compliant and works with or without an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system.

For nursing homes and home health agencies

Nursing homes and home health agencies depend on health information exchanges (HIEs) to make the right call. KeyHIE Transform™ enables healthcare providers – even those without an electronic health record – to seamlessly integrate with your HIE. And their participation instantly strengthens your HIE’s ability to deliver at-a-glance patient information across multiple systems and platforms.

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A Rapid Data Integration Platform

  • Connect to REST based API’s
  • Integrate any data format
  • Integrate databases across technology providers and perform ETL processes with ease
  • With true any-to-any data integration, overcome every software barrier – all without the need of expensive development costs or complicated IT systems.