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FHIR Implementation with Vorro

There are several items to consider when thinking about implementing FHIR. The first issue is the infrastructure needed to exchange FHIR based data. Most organizations will need an additional layer, being the FHIR “server,” between their trading partners and their internal systems. Our BridgeGate solutions are securely hosted and managed one or more of our data centers across the world and currently handle millions of transactions a month. FHIR is one of many standards we support.

Secondly, mapping the data is hard enough from your systems to the FHIR standard, never mind what the other side is sending. Vorro’s BridgeGate easily handles this complexity with our template driven approach to integration. Our experts deliver solutions in days with these tools, not months or years. Finally, isn’t this just what you need? This is another standard with which to keep pace. We handle the disparity and the consistent change that exists within the standards, and you focus on your business.

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