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Health Systems and Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs)
  • Provide for elevated systems integration
  • Manage evolving healthcare standards (ICD-10)
  • Enable ‘Big Data’ and advanced analytics
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Provide for elevated systems integration

Every day, Vorro’s BridgeGate Health™ Clinical Care Exchange platform orchestrates millions of real-time data messages for 250 health systems, encompassing over 1,000 facilities.

BridgeGate Health™ interoperates with these and 50 other EHR systems:

Manage evolving healthcare standards

To prepare for changing standards, such as ICD-10, you need a partner that provides you with the integration platform and expertise to help you connect your systems and redesign your business processes. BridgeGate can take you through the steps necessary to feel confident you can meet all standards and requirements.

Readiness Assessment

Gap analysis to identify the systems and applications you have in place currently vs. what the new standards require, and outline a step-by-step readiness process

Impact Assessment

Systems and application inventory, and then a risk assessment detailing the processes and personnel likely to be impacted by the new standards, while recommending courses of action and solution options.


BridgeGate implements an integration solution that connects the systems required to adapt to new standards or interoperability mandates, and helps you re-engineer workflows and business processes, test all systems, and work on change management initiatives. Training and support is also included.

Big Data and advanced analytics

BridgeGate’s any-to-any integration platform transforms and delivers massive sets of data with no programming, and without impact to existing systems. When corporate data is available to an unlimited number of people within and external to your organization, your data can be used to make informed and faster decisions, identify new opportunities to grow, and understand how well your organization is performing.

BridgeGate provides comprehensive, native access to more than 300 distinct databases and information sources – including relational, legacy, EHR, ERP, CRM, data staged in warehouses or data marts, and real-time data from operational systems – on any platform.

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