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KeyHIE Transform™

Enables a nursing home or home health agency to contribute patient information to a Health Information Exchange (HIE) to provide better and more coordinated care. Patient assessment information is generated from a SNF’s Minimum Data Set (MDS) system or from an HHA’s Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) system and then converted into a Continuity of Care Document (CCD / C-CDA) containing the patient assessment information. The process is HIPAA and PHI compliant and works with or without an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system.

For nursing homes and home health agencies

Nursing homes and home health agencies depend on health information exchanges (HIEs) to make the right call. KeyHIE Transform™ enables healthcare providers – even those without an electronic health record – to seamlessly integrate with your HIE. And their participation instantly strengthens your HIE’s ability to deliver at-a-glance patient information across multiple systems and platforms.


With these challenges, healthcare providers can become less productive, frustrated and unable to provide the level of patient care that faster, more efficient technology can deliver.

Vorro’s BridgeGate Health can help bridge these gaps through a highly-connected, tightly integrated organization. Better technology is the answer, and BridgeGate Health™ is that product.

Low-cost solution to better care

When patients move between nursing homes and hospitals, timely communication of patient information is often challenging. Your staff shouldn’t be held up on the phone providing care information that should be readily available. And your patients and their families are happier because they don’t waste time providing the same medical information over and over.

Use What’s Already Available

The key is using the data your staff already collects to submit electronic patient assessment information, known as the minimum data set (MDS), to the Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services. The “MDS-to-CCD Transformer” automatically extracts this information from the records of patients who have provided consent for their data to be shared.

Sharing health information helps eliminate detective work

When one of your patients is unexpectedly sent to the hospital for care, access to your staff’s OASIS data is valuable to doctors and nurses providing emergency care. Every second counts. Coordination of care matters.

How KeyHIE Transform™ can help

KeyHIE Transform™ extracts clinically relevant information from the Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS), which your home health agency submits to CMS, and converts the information into a standardized continuity-of-care document (CCD) that meets HL-7 standards. A CCD is easily incorporated into any health-information exchange (HIE) for access by participating clinicians.

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