The Evolution of Smart Buildings: IOT and Facility Management
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The Evolution of Smart Buildings: The Internet of Things and Facility Management

The “Internet of Things” (IoT) may be a popular marketing term, but it is much more than just a buzzword. The Internet of Things is a phrase that describes the way that (nearly) every device can be connected to one another via the internet, putting it front-and-center for the present and future of facility management. IoT is innovating organizations across the world, creating technologically advanced and highly connected “smart” buildings.

IoT technology is becoming an invaluable tool in the smart building industry, demonstrating improved performance, efficiency, and cost effectiveness regarding facility management. Successful organizations are aware that the connectivity of their facility’s infrastructure is essential. For that reason, many of these organizations are turning to new, cutting-edge IoT technologies. If your company wants to see significant return on its investments and drive long-term value, the connectivity of your facility’s infrastructure is a must.

IoT puts the “smart” in smart buildings

IoT technology can provide solutions that monitor your systems while simultaneously addressing maintenance schedules, optimizing energy use, managing assets, and increasing the satisfaction of the people who use a facility. The intelligent structures of today are ready and able to implement full use of the Internet of Things, making function and integration a top priority. Thanks to this digital revolution, facility management has never been as easy, comfortable, or cost-effective as it is today. However, identifying and applying the right solutions that deliver data in a way that is efficient enough to make a difference—both today and in the future—is no easy feat. However, taking the time to do so will allow you to reap profitable rewards.

Your site manager has to oversee a wide range of daily tasks, and the technology used within IoT allows all-in-one tracking of all aspects of the job. This can help immensely by organizing all of this information right at their fingertips.

Various tools for facility management are available in one integrated system, easily connecting and sharing information between your staff with only a few clicks. Some of the best features offered by facility management software are AI-powered predictive analytics tools, which assist with long-term planning and virtually eliminate human error. It’s all about the metrics, which can help make your decision-making process much easier.

How can IoT optimize facility management?

By optimizing facility management and analyzing the wellspring of data available, your organization can improve the efficiency of its day-to-day operations, saving you money. There are several concrete ways in which this technology can help your building management.

  • Data-driven decisions and analysis

Using properly analyzed data that is easily accessed in the building automation systems, your management team can make smarter decisions, faster.

  • Systems optimization and preventive maintenance

As Benjamin Franklin once said: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. When managing building issues that may arise, being proactive is key. Your facility management team now has the chance to be one step ahead, addressing potential problems before they have a chance to become an expensive liability. Monitoring data in real-time allows managers to nip the situation in the bud, saving your organization valuable capital in the future.

  • Asset management

A smart building simplifies the otherwise inefficient process of asset management, saving your staff a great deal of time. IoT-enabled asset management is a better alternative than working through line-by-line yourself, because it allows you to manage information, such as inspection data, maintenance schedules, and asset locations, from a single-device interface. Additionally, the software takes a fine-tooth comb through this data, identifying things your staff could potentially miss.

  • Security

Security is an issue of prime importance for both management and the people living or working within your facility. Monitoring systems of smart buildings keep their tenants and contents safe and secure. Additionally, keeping an eye on your staff is easier than ever before.

IoT technology creates highly personalized beacons that display all critical information right at your manager’s fingertips. You can manage all pieces of data from one location with one device.

  • Remote management

The Internet of Things allows you to remotely manage connected buildings. As a result, you can essentially be in many places at once. This management style is both cost and time effective, allowing for greater workforce productivity, engagement, and satisfaction—all of which are extremely important in the facility management field.

  • Sustainability

Utilizing IoT integrated, smart building facility management is not just a time and money saving solution: it’s a sustainable one. Though buildings consume vast amounts of energy resources, a smart building can use its facility management systems to analyze energy usage and provide ways to improve. You can easily optimize lighting, temperature, ventilation, and HVAC systems by studying the usage data and weather patterns in your area (or just let the AI-powered software do it). Consequently, you reduce your energy consumption, carbon footprint, and save money.

When it comes to facility management in the 21st century, you can do more with much less. Converting your facility into a smart building employing the use of IoT software allows you to replace inefficient processes and protocols that have been in place for decades, allowing you to make fast, informed, data-driven decisions. This technology can help you considerably by managing assets such as elevators, electricity, building security, parking allocation, HVAC systems—the list goes on. There are so many possibilities when you have modern, innovative, and efficient facility management.

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