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The importance of data integration in healthcare

There are all kinds of patient data being collected in healthcare. Such data is gathered around the clock directly or indirectly, and in all care and wellness settings.

Providers, vendors, and payors, in acute and post-acute settings, are collecting clinical, financial, and social data about patients that is accumulating at a very fast pace. The volume of healthcare data, including those being collected via wearable devices, are measured in the hundreds of exabytes.

Such data represent a challenge as well as a treasure to technologist and to care providers if it were possible to present it meaningfully and therefore being able to deploy it to improve the health and the well beings of millions of healthcare consumers.

The gateway challenge to using the data to support patient care and wellness is that such data is collected using disparate systems and multiple standards that renders it un-usable without complex and expensive integration and manipulation.  

What if, you are able to integrate and transform all this data in a meaningful way?

Vorro provides a robust, flexible and easy to use integration platform. We quickly connect and integrate disparate applications and technologies with providers, payors and other healthcare stakeholders. Our interoperability platform works behind the scenes to make your integration projects as well as data transformation needs easy.

Our any-to-any and many-to-many data platform solves the puzzle of data integration and transformation. We provide you with templates, standard configurations, workflows, real time monitoring to make any integration a success.

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