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Data Interoperability And Healthcare Risk Mitigation Go Hand In Hand

Today, when the need for healthcare is increasing, especially after the pandemic, seamless sharing of information is a priority. However, ample time is wasted in collecting the previous medical information of the patient leading to a delay in diagnosis. Secondly, the data exchanged by cross-organisational collaborations, regardless of excellent human efficiency and focus, can have […]

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Improving the Supply Chain – Increasing Efficiency via Data Integration

In recent times, the advancement in technology and rapid global digitalization is disrupting almost all sectors of the economy, and the supply chain industry isn’t left out. Changing consumers’ behaviors and various market disruptions are also affecting how organizations carry out their day-to-day activities. From monitoring, assessment and optimization, firms are now looking for new […]

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Integrating Facility Management (FM): A Cornerstone for Healthcare

Facility Management (FM) is a broad area that has become increasingly important to many organizations. Every business has property, assets, or inventory that needs to be maintained for staff or customers, no matter the industry. However, FM is particularly important in the healthcare field, as providers strive to provide a clean, safe environment for the […]