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What is healthcare interoperability?

Interoperability, the process of freely exchanging healthcare information among electronic systems as well as equipment and devices in order to deliver the highest-quality, most effective, and most efficient care to patients.

“Interoperability” means very different things to different people. To healthcare IT staff, it may mean developing and deploying interfaces that connects their disparate IT systems and help share patient health information between such systems. To health system executives, it may mean having a complete patient health record and how these systems communicate with each other and with external information sys

tems. To clinicians, it may mean readily getting the clinical and business information they need, when they need it while they are delivering care to their patients.

Given the technical complexities of interoperability, national standards regarding interoperability, and voluminous national plans to promote interoperability have been published and enacted. Health systems are struggling to make progress when it comes to data interoperability.

Eliminate the roadblocks that exist today by meeting organizations where they are technologically

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