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Vorro’s BridgeGate Connect

BridgeGate Connect enables the secure movement of data between organizations or systems without the need for complex IT infrastructures such as Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). BridgeGate Connect· is a perfect solution for any organization needing secure data transfer between systems. The installation and setup process is quick and simple.

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BridgeGate Cloud Services

With these challenges, healthcare providers can become less productive, frustrated and unable to provide the level of patient care that faster, more efficient technology can deliver.

Vorro’s BridgeGate Health can help bridge these gaps through a highly-connected, tightly integrated organization. Better technology is the answer, and BridgeGate Health™ is that product.

  • Workflow Management
  • Data Transformation
  • Data Forwarding / Routing
  • Secure Manage File Transfer

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Why use Vorro Automation for your operations and grow your business

  • Ease of use

    Our No Coding solution, can be deployed easily and is scalable

  • Saves time

    70% less time compared to in house development

  • Greater payback

    Recoup you initial investments in 6-9 months of launch

  • Long term returns

    Upto 200% ROI after 2 years, 75% less time in subsequent integrations

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