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There are Only Two Types of Data

Industry leading data solutions company, Vorro, not only solves data integration issues for clients, we also have a great interest in creating smarter approaches to handling and understanding data. First, it is important to understand that there are really only two types of data.

It may seem like common sense, but it is something that often escapes many companies. Data is one of the most valuable and important assets a business owns. However, it depends on what type of data is being considered. At its core, data can be broken down into two categories: data that can be used and data that can’t. It is truly that simple. 

Vorro is in the business of making the unusable, usable through a seamless and automated process that can provide new information and drive actionable results. All of this is doable with our easy to use data integration platform. Fueled by the desire to make data integration simple, Vorro works to ensure clients gain a competitive advantage by leveraging every benefit possible and turning all of your data into intelligence. 

Electronic data exchange is critical to minimize human error and to automate repetitive workflows. Businesses today are data driven, and a lack of shared data across departments, vendors, and clients stacks the deck against a business, steals time and resources that can be better used elsewhere, and leaves money on the table. Every IT strategy should include an approach that sees sharing your business data as a core business function, not just an after-thought to your transactional systems. 

Shared data equals useable data; siloed data equals what? Exactly. It’s time to go from an asinine approach to an analytic one and see the difference! We can help guide your data integration needs more strategically. Our data integration services are both reliable and cost-effective through advanced technology and subject matter expertise. 

Vorro uses a simple and straightforward approach, building a foundation that once in place, allows for adds and changes in data or workflows to be integrated quickly. Does your strategy accommodate re-use of feeds or existing data? Do you have a Trading Partner module to allow for quickly on-ramping clients and partners? 

Get the capabilities, insight, and understanding you need to take your business to the next level. Your data should be useable. Put your data to work for you. Schedule a call today. Check out our website which features a free e-book and much more.  Be sure to visit

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